CB Expo 2023 – Become a speaker now!

CB Net News Speaker slots will not be available for purchase at CB Expo 2023 in Dortmund and instead will be allocated according to expertise. Speaker enquiries about the following topics are being taken now: Legalization in Germany and Europe (political, regulatory, know-how from other countries) CBD (regulation, market and product development) Cultivation, harvesting, drying […]

CB Club Berlin, 28 June – Program online, secure your ticket now!

CB Club

CB Net News Cannabis Business Club – Networking EventWednesday 28 June 2023, 2pm – 10pm Prince Charles, Berlin Kreuzberg As an addition to the CB Expo (Cannabis Business Expo & Conference), the CB Club is offering a select group the chance to acquire news, insight and new contacts within a refined setting and relaxed atmosphere […]

CB Expo – Cannabis Business Expo and Conference, Dortmund, September 15-16

CB Expo

CB Net News On 15 and 16, 2023, the next edition of CB Expo – Cannabis Business Expo and Conference will take place in Dortmund at the same time as InterTabac. Some high-caliber speakers await on three stages, discussing the latest topics and sharing their expertise through masterclasses. The key focus of CB Expo 2023 […]

CB Club Berlin – the networking experience with style and class


CB Net News CB Club – Cannabis Business Club, Berlin, 28 June Will Germany legalize cannabis? If so, how? And when? Which European countries will follow in Germany’s footsteps, and which are already out in-front? What influence will legal recreational use of cannabis have on the medical cannabis market? Where is it worth investing in […]

CB Lounge at CannaTrade in Zurich, May 12-14, 2023

CB Net News During CannaTrade in Zurich, the CB Lounge – Cannabis Business Lounge – will offer space for undisturbed discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. We recommend visiting CannaTrade on Friday, May 12, the official B2B day, followed by business evening for all exhibitors and business VIP customers. The conference program on the Friday includes […]

BREAKING NEWS – Germany starts Cannabis Legalization

CB Net News Right in time for the start of spring, the first small flowers are sprouting from the ground when it comes to legalizing cannabis in Germany: full legalization will take somewhat longer than anticipated, but modelprojects, socialclubs and homegrowing, together with decriminalization, leave us with hope that the scene will blossom soon! Find […]

CB Company goes EVO NXT Malaga

CB Net News Let’s speak about Next Generation Products, let’s speak about Cannabis! At the upcoming EVO NXT business festival for next generation products in Malaga, 10. 10-11, CB Company had the pleasure to organize the “Cannabis Day” on Saturday, March 11. We are very proud to welcome Dr. Sung-Min Pyo (Pyo Labs), Sébastien Béguiere […]

An overview of our upcoming events in Malaga, Zurich and Dortmund

CB Net News The new year has kicked off with good news: France has lifted its ban on CBD flowers. We are all waiting with great anticipation to see how Germany’s journey towards legalizing cannabis pans out and how the pilot projects and new medical cannabis market underway in Switzerland will develop. And whether the […]

CB Company enters into partnership with Messe Dortmund

CB Net News Europe is on the road to legalizing cannabis, with Germany and Switzerland at the forefront and the CB Company is playing a significant role in this with its high-quality events. We are pleased to be able to announce a strong new partner by our side: Messe Dortmund with its flagship InterTabac event, […]

CB Expo – Panel Discussions Online

CB Net News The videos of the six main panel discussions are publicly accessible on YouTube now. Delve into discussions about the latest situation concerning medical cannabis in Switzerland, the upcoming legislation across Europe and the question of whether psychedelics are the next ‘big thing’. We wish you a pleasant viewing! > Watch now Load […]


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